Low-slope Roof System Mockup Characteristics

Low-slope mockups provide characteristics similar to those typically found on most low-slope roofs. The presence of these characteristics is essential to ensure standard testing conditions are achieved and fair performance exams are administered. All low-slope mockup designs should include the following characteristics:

  1. Be at ground level and remain stationary and secure always for the duration of any performance exam

  2. A minimum rectangular field area of no less than 32 square feet. Certain roof systems may require a larger field area. See Table 1 for minimum system-specific field areas.

  3. A wood or metal deck capable of supporting two times its intended total load. If a wood deck is used, a compatible separator sheet is required; rigid board insulation attached with appropriate fasteners also may be used. If a metal deck is used, rigid board insulation and appropriate fasteners are required.

  4. Twelve lineal feet of an integrated parapet wall with a nailable substrate (such as plywood, OSB sheathing) that is no less than 12 inches high, framed and attached to one short side and one long side of the mockup

  5. One parapet wall inside corner with one side no less than 12 inches long

  6. One parapet wall outside corner with one side no less than 12 inches long

  7. One roof edge no less than 8 feet long

  8. One plumbing vent pipe penetration not exceeding 5 inches in diameter and not exceeding 12 inches high. Pipe penetration design should allow for detaching and reattaching at various mockup locations.

  9. Penetrations must never be placed within 12 inches of a wall, roof edge or another penetration

  10. One 10-inch-high, square box curb penetration with no side less than 12 inches long and none greater than 18 inches long

System Type Minimum Field Area
Mechanically attached thermoplastic system 32 square feet
Adhered thermoplastic system 64 square feet
Mechanically attached EPDM system 32 square feet
Adhered EPDM system 64 square feet
(Additional systems will be developed soon) (To be determined)


*NRCA's mockup designs shown in the drawings represent minimum characteristic requirements. Actual mockups can be larger and more elaborate, if desired, providing they meet the minimum characteristics listed such as size, slope and types of penetrations or details. NRCA's mockups are designed as portable, moveable units, but these qualities are not required.

Low Slope 1
Low Slope 2



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