The National Roofing Legal Resource Center (NRLRC) is open to NRCA roofing, roof deck and waterproofing contractors and acts as a legal advocate for roofing contractors throughout the U.S. Issues such as contract language, employee relations, regulatory compliance, payment provisions, insurance coverage, and codes and standard can threaten a contractor's profitability and even its existence. NRLRC provides its members with assistance in addressing issues such as these, ultimately saving them time and legal fees.

Legal Staff
  •   Alison LaValley, CAE
  •   Anne Schroeder


NRLRC seminar Sept. 18-21
NRLRC Annual Seminar

Roofing Issues: Decks to Dockets
Sept. 18-21, 2019
New York Hilton Midtown
New York


Law books

Legal Database (Members Only)

NRLRC maintains a database of more than 400 legal publications (e.g., magazine articles, Special Reports, claims, seminar handouts and court cases) about roofing-related legal topics.


Keyboard, phone and headset

Legal Help Line (Members Only)

NRLRC's Legal Help Line is designed to help members obtain information about general legal issues encountered in their day-to-day business and strives to provide members with as much information as possible.



NRLRC Contract Provisions, Volume VII
NRLRC Contract Provisions, Volume VII

Written by attorneys who are experts in construction and compiled by the National Roofing Legal Resource Center, these contract provisions come with plain-language explanations you can understand.


NRLRC 40th Anniversary Seminar
NRLRC’s 40th Anniversary Seminar

Mark Graham, NRCA's vice president of technical services, provides insider information into current technical issues in the roofing industry and answers your questions.


The heat is on
The Heat is On

The OSHRC vacates heat hazard citations issued to A.H. Sturgill Roofing Inc., Dayton, Ohio.

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