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Hands-on Performance Exam Specifications

All performance exams must be conducted at a location that provides the following space and conditions:

  • An onsite point of contact for NRCA PROCertification® activities
  • Access to restroom facilities
  • A clean, safe testing environment
  • Restricted access by a testing location's employees/staff during testing activities
  • Access to disposal for roofing waste materials
  • A clear, unobstructed area must remain open at least 4 feet on each mockup side for the duration of all performance exams.

It is preferable but not required that a testing location also provide uninterrupted WiFi connection for assessment scoring procedures.

The following environmental conditions must be present during a performance exam:

  • Daylight or equivalent indoor lighting
  • A temperature range between 32 F and 90 F
  • An average wind speed not to exceed 12 mph unless there is a wind break
  • No precipitation

An NRCA Qualified Assessor will confirm minimum space requirements are met regardless of the testing location. The physical space must be large enough to accommodate any mockup(s) and allow an NRCA Qualified Assessor to safely and comfortably proctor hands-on performance exams.

General Mockup Characteristics

Mockups are an important element of standard testing conditions. Because the hands-on exam is timed, deviations from the mockups may not allow the installer to finish in the allotted time frame or complete all the tasks to sufficiently show his or her skills in all elements of the exam.

If your location does not meet the mock-up requirements, space or environmental conditions, contact NRCA to be directed to one of our many partners who have space and mock-ups that meet the standard testing conditions needed to conduct the exam.

For questions regarding the hands-on performance exam, visit NRCA's PROCertification FAQ page or contact Jared Ribble, NRCA's vice president of certifications, at

Performance Exam Mockup Designs

Architectural Metal Flashings and Accessories Mockup

Asphalt Shingle Mockup

Clay and Concrete Tile Mockup

EPDM Mockup

Metal Panel Roof Systems and Metal Shingle Systems Mockup

Job Task Analysis English


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