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Qualified Assessor FAQ


It's simple. Qualified Assessors:

  • Can expand their current businesses
  • Generate additional revenue by charging NRCA PROCertification candidates an appropriate fee for conducting their performance exams
  • Gain access to NRCA PROCertification materials, including educational content, resources, documents, manuals, policies and procedures, agreements, job task analyses, testing locations, etc.
  • Achieve professional recognition
  • Can offer Qualified Assessor services to customers and others pursuing NRCA PROCertification

Yes. Qualified Assessor candidates are required to complete three online training modules, one unproctored exam and one proctored exam provided by NRCA.

PROCertification hands-on performance exams can be conducted conveniently at the installer's contractor's shop if it meets NRCA’s Standard Testing Conditions. If this is not an option, NRCA will help you find an exam location that meets NRCA's Standard Testing Conditions, such as a local manufacturer's training center; local union training facility; local, state or regional roofing association training center; vocational school; community college; or other type of facility.

A Qualified Assessor can assess up to four candidates at one time.

Qualified Assessors cannot conduct performance exams for individuals who are direct employees or subcontracted employees of the same company that also employs the Qualified Assessor.

All applicants for NRCA’s Qualified Assessor credential must be a minimum 21 years of age. Eligibility requirements differ for each type of roof system; the requirements are outlined in the NRCA Qualified Assessor Eligibility section.

As merely an agent acting on behalf of NRCA, an NRCA Qualified Assessor acting in good faith should not personally be liable for the results of any NRCA decisions, actions or omissions related to the certification of any individual nor any decisions, actions or omissions of any installer who becomes NRCA PROCertified. This includes all actions or omissions relating to quality of performance or workmanship by any NRCA PROCertified installer.

NRCA PROCertification has been developed in accordance with ISO and ANSI accreditation standards to ensure high-quality, highly defensible certifications that meet the roofing industry’s needs. NRCA is the certifying body, not the Qualified Assessor. An NRCA Qualified Assessor is merely recording what occurs during a hands-on performance exam; NRCA determines whether the applicant passes or fails the exam and is sufficiently skilled to earn the NRCA certification. NRCA maintains valid liability insurance for the purpose of conducting its PROCertification program.

Qualified Assessor Renewal

Yes, NRCA Qualified Assessor renewal is required every three years.

For more information, visit the NRCA Qualified Assessor Renewal section.


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