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NRCA Qualified Trainer

Qualified Trainers

Exceptional training. Exceptional reward.

Finding and retaining quality workers continues to be a major issue for the roofing industry, and proper training and coaching can help.

NRCA has developed its Qualified Trainer Conference, a state-of-the-art, two-day classroom and hands-on educational program that empowers your employees to become expert trainers who can educate your workforce.

Qualified trainers become equipped to successfully train employees on-site without loss of productivity. Even training on rain days and during winter months can remain productive.

What are NRCA Qualified Trainers?

NRCA Qualified Trainers are professional trainers and coaches for roofing companies. They conduct training sessions designed to help installers learn about different roof systems and their installation processes. These trainers guide installers through online and hands-on training activities while tracking their progress.

Qualified Trainers will enhance your business by:

  • Expediting the new employee onboarding process
  • Providing career advancement guidance for midlevel employees
  • Collaborating with seasoned employees who are pursuing NRCA ProCertification®

For information about how to become a Qualified Trainer, view conference dates and locations.


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