FEI Participant Criteria

Future Executives Institute is a leadership-focused program intended for those who have or will assume a senior-level position in a roofing contracting business. The business must function primarily as a contractor in the roofing industry as opposed to one primarily engaged in the manufacturing and/or supplying of roofing materials or one whose primary function is consulting, design or testing.

To foster networking among classmates, importance and emphasis is placed on limiting direct competition whenever possible. Doing so ensures the maximum learning environment for each student to feel comfortable speaking openly and freely.

FEI candidates are vetted carefully to ensure they are accepted into the program at the right point in their careers where they can equally learn from and contribute to the class. It is not unusual for a candidate to be asked to reapply for a subsequent class and/or given specific areas to develop to prepare her or him for maximum program benefit.

More than one person per company may apply to the program if each works in a different physical location; however, it is not preferred. The success of the FEI experience is rooted in a student's ability to comfortably share thoughts and questions without hesitancy; therefore, two people from the same company and same location will not be accepted into the same class. A second candidate from the same company only will be considered if there are seats available.

The acceptance criteria for enrollment is strict, and applicants must meet the following criteria: be at least 25 years old as of Jan. 1, 2023, and have at least five years' office-centered management and leadership experience. Field management experience (such as foreman or superintendent), though valuable for operations management, does not typically count toward this five-year requirement. Candidates are encouraged to provide any information they feel addresses their experience.

The FEI committee works hard to build a class cohort aimed at the tenets discussed. Therefore, applicants are wise to provide details for the questions asked.


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