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Fall Protection Competent Person Training

Fall Protection Competent Person Training

Have you noticed greater demands for comprehensive fall-protection training from general contractors and building owners and in contracts? Did you know OSHA requires you to have a competent person responsible for fall-protection training for all employees?

Because falls continue to be the leading cause of death in the roofing industry and top reason for OSHA to issue citations and fines, fall-protection continues to be a critical issue for roofing contractors. To help you address fall-protection concerns and comply with OSHA regulations and the Army Corp. of Engineers’ EM 385 24-hour fall-protection training requirements, NRCA now offers a new, in-person training course.

After attending this program, students should gain a detailed understanding of:

  • Fall-protection system specifications and limitations
  • Inspection protocols for fall-protection equipment and roof deck integrity
  • Self-rescue and assisted rescue from an arrested fall

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