What are the four biggest staffing issues in the construction industry?

November 2, 2021

The U.S. construction industry contributed to $684.40 billion during the first quarter of 2021, according to constructionexec.com. However, construction employers continue to face labor challenges.

Following are four of the most common construction industry struggles and tips to help employers face those challenges.

  1. The constant need for qualified workers. Finding skilled talent is a common problem. After the past two years of uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction sector is booming, and many businesses are looking to hire. Improving the industry’s recruitment process is key. Human resources departments should focus on building a network of potential candidates.
  2. A widening skills gap. As fewer young workers enter the construction sector, the share of older construction staff has increased, leading to skills gaps for younger and older generations of workers. Managing those gaps and investing in ongoing training is vital to the industry’s sustainable growth. Cross-mentoring programs can allow staff to pass on valuable information and knowledge.
  3. Maintaining worker safety. Data from the Department of Labor reveals 20% of all worker deaths happen in the construction sector. All construction businesses should have solid safety protocols in place, and workers should receive appropriate training. Additionally, a return-to-work program is essential to help injured employees get back to work as soon as they are fully able.
  4. Meeting compliance standards. Industry compliance standards cover almost all aspects of construction businesses. Employers must ensure human resources operations are not violating any regulations from the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs. Discriminatory processes when terminating, hiring or even promoting a worker should be avoided at all costs, and all compensation disparities should be explainable and legit. It is important to keep accurate, detailed employee information. Performing reviews of internal processes can help find areas that need improvement.

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