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News Sept. 28, 2023

What are the benefits of using BIM software?

Digital tools such as building information modeling software can help contractors plan and manage their work more effectively; BIM software sometimes even is a mandatory requirement for construction projects.

Construction Executive magazine shares the following top benefits of using BIM software for contractors.

  1. Closer collaboration with co-workers and subcontractors. There are many stakeholders involved with construction projects, and keeping everyone informed can be difficult. BIM technology converts project data into 3D or 4D plans, which can help contractors explain the sequence of work and provide a visual that gives everyone a clear view of the project.
  2. Improved project management. BIM software allows contractors to compare planned work vs. actual work and devise alternatives to get construction back on track. BIM technology with 4D planning capabilities can build the element of time into the visual plan.
  3. Better use of available resources. With contractors facing supply-chain challenges and labor shortages, BIM 4D planning helps users strategically model construction processes to choose the most effective construction route, including maximizing workers’ time and reducing material waste.
  4. Tighter cost control. Building a detailed digital program helps create accurate cost estimates, which users can monitor during the project to reduce the risk of overruns. BIM software also can identify potential obstacles early in the process so they can be addressed quickly.
  5. Enhanced quality control. Close collaboration between project stakeholders is crucial to meeting safety and quality-control levels, and BIM software keeps everyone connected. It also creates a permanent digital record for future accountability.
  6. Happier customers. BIM software can help contractors build strong, transparent customer relationships that generate positive feedback, referrals and repeat business. It offers customers full visibility regarding project planning and construction. BIM technology also can help contractors recall detailed information for completed projects and help customers understand the effects of changing laws on existing buildings.

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