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News May 23, 2023

Three habits of ineffective leaders

During the past few years, many workplaces have changed, shifting their focus to making workers feel appreciated and prioritizing values such as trust, transparency and autonomy. Leaders who hang on to some past habits will not engage employees and manage effectively.

Inc. shares the following three bad habits leaders must avoid.

  1. Ignoring your workers. Talk to employees regularly about their work to keep them engaged. Younger generations especially are seeking constructive feedback and mentors who can help them on the job.
  2. Treating your workers like numbers. Leaders must care about their employees as human beings rather than viewing them as numbers. Employees want a trustworthy environment, bosses who respect them and a safe place to express themselves.
  3. Making decisions without seeking input from the team. Employees know their roles in the workplace well, so leaders should consider asking them for input. When employees are asked what they believe works and does not work, it builds a culture of trust where individuals are comfortable sharing ideas and concerns.

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