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News Sept. 27, 2023

Show new employees you value mental health

Job candidates increasingly are looking for workplaces that prioritize employees’ mental health.

Ninety-two percent of new and upcoming graduates say it is important they feel comfortable discussing mental health at work, according to Harvard Business Review. Sixty-one percent say they would leave a current role for better mental health benefits, and 54% would turn down a job offer if it did not offer work-life balance.

Harvard Business Review offers the following tips to help you show new employees you take mental health seriously.

  • Integrate mental health into recruiting, hiring and onboarding. When recruiting workers, create an employee well-being statement that clearly defines what mental health means to your organization. Be transparent in job postings regarding the mental health resources your company offers, and create onboarding materials that include in-depth guides for navigating mental health benefits.
  • Create a sustainable, mentally healthy work culture. Be upfront about workplace norms, such as roles, deadlines, responsiveness and how people communicate. You also should establish collaborative, flexible expectations regarding when, where and how people work.
  • Make mental health support accessible and intuitive. Hold learning sessions and Q&As with your benefits team during onboarding, and ensure managers are trained regarding mental health first aid. You also should consider subsidizing tools such as meditation apps, sleep tools and gym memberships.

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