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News March 28, 2024

Look for these positive characteristics when hiring employees

Hiring the wrong person wastes time, energy and money. So it is crucial to hire people who have a specific combination of impressive traits, as well as the skills required for the role.

Inc. shares the following qualities XPO Executive Chairman Brad Jacobs always requires for a new hire.

  1. Intelligence. Intelligent people look at problems as opportunities for improvement and are more likely to have the tools required to solve complex problems. Intelligent people also are open to learning from others and can think from multiple perspectives.
  2. Hunger. Hungry people are tenacious, motivated, resilient and do not give up when problems emerge.
  3. Integrity. A company’s success depends on everyone following through on what they say they will do. Hiring trustworthy people makes it easy for employees to focus on their jobs instead of being distracted by someone who is disrupting the workplace.
  4. Collegiality. Jacobs believes it is important the people on his teams like one another and can work together well because it makes work more fun and productive.

Hiring the right employees affects everyone in your organization, surrounding them with people who make them feel better about who they are and what they do.


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