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News Nov. 21, 2023

Four habits that signal exceptional leadership skills

Exceptional leaders value their people. Do your team members believe they are appreciated and valued?

Inc. shares the following tips to help you become a better leader.

  1. Believe in your team members’ capabilities. It is crucial you have faith in your team’s abilities. Take the time to understand team members’ strengths—their actions, ideas and unique talents—and believe they will do amazing things when they have the tools to succeed.
  2. Respect the people you lead. Rude or disrespectful behaviors negatively can affect employee job satisfaction and company productivity. It is important to show gratitude and acknowledge your team’s efforts with specific, meaningful praise.
  3. Respond to employees’ needs. Great leaders are interested in their people’s career aspirations and find ways to create learning and development opportunities for them. It is important to know what drives your employees so you can motivate them in a meaningful way.
  4. Provide autonomy with accountability. You should empower your team to make decisions while also holding them accountable for the outcomes. Trust team members to make the right choices, but be sure to offer guidance and support when needed.

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