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News Oct. 4, 2023

Tips for leading a multigenerational team

Associated Builders and Contractors reported in 2022 that more than one in five construction workers currently are older than 55. As companies work to recruit young workers to help combat the industry’s labor shortage, it is important leaders understand how to manage and lead multigenerational teams.

According to Inc., a generationally diverse team can offer different perspectives, training and experience, which can lead to powerful results when handled well.

Inc. offers the following three tips to help you successfully lead a multigenerational team.

  1. Focus on inclusion. Age-related inclusivity requires a deliberate willingness to build healthy relationships between you and your team members. You must set the example by opening lines of communication when you interact with all team members. When you use conversations to set a tone of inclusivity and openness, it encourages your team to do the same.
  2. Study your team. You need to be able to analyze your team members and assess how employees of different ages fit at your company. Study the strengths, weaknesses and nuances of younger and older generations, and compare and contrast priorities and tendencies; your insights can help you include and validate everyone on your team.
  3. Do not play favorites. It can be difficult to approach a situation without seeing it from your generation’s point of view. It takes practice, but you can start by acknowledging you are part of one of those age groups. Then, you need to work to consciously shut down your natural tendency to play favorites within your age group.

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