NRCA Retirement Program

The NRCA Retirement Program established in 1990 allows NRCA members to provide retirement benefits to their employees. The program includes legal, administrative and investment-management services at a cost that may be less than an individually managed plan.

NRCA members are entitled to a complimentary evaluation of their existing retirement plans by Jack Krapf, CIMA, Wealth Management Advisor—Merrill Lynch. Krapf and his group will review your plan, its assets and investment policy statement and compare your company's program and costs to the NRCA Retirement Program—giving you the opportunity to make an informed decision.

An enhancement to the program for all participants is a partnership between Krapf's group and John Hancock Retirement Services that offers a full range of retirement plan options, numerous investment vehicles and plan administration services—one-stop shopping for all your retirement needs.

Learn more how the NRCA Retirement Program and its partners can benefit your company and employees by contacting Krapf at (888) 315-4105 or or Harry Ryder, NRCA's CFO, VP of Finance at (800) 323-9545 or

Download NRCA's Retirement Program brochure.


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