Press Release Template


This template is intended to help promote greater visibility and positive awareness for your company and the roofing industry by alerting local media to accomplishments within your organization. It may be used to promote all events and announcements that you deem newsworthy to your local media and their audiences.

When using this template, keep the following guidelines in mind:

  • This template is for use to publicize newsworthy events or activities that are of interest to your local news media and the audiences they serve.
  • Use this template to distribute news only relating to individual company information.
  • Do not use this template to promote or comment on NRCA announcements or messages without consent from NRCA.
  • If your company receives an inquiry from a reporter in response to your press release, keep comments limited to your company's position on subject matter related to the roofing industry. Contact NRCA media relations before answering any questions relating to NRCA and its position on any issues in the roofing industry.
  • To ensure all NRCA messages are consistent, only NRCA board members and qualified NRCA staff may speak to reporters as a spokesperson for the association.

Click here to download NRCA's Press Release Template.

Please contact NRCA media relations with any questions or assistance in contacting your local news media.


Jaime Sessions

Communications manager


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