Testing Locations

A roof system installer must pass two exams to earn his or her NRCA ProCertification. Part one is a proctored, roof-system specific online exam; part two is a hands-on performance exam.

Online exam locations:

Hands-on performance exam locations:

  • An installer's hands-on performance exam can be conveniently conducted at the installer's contractor's shop or job site as long as it meets NRCA Standard Testing Conditions. If this is not an option, work with your NRCA Qualified Assessor to locate an exam location that meets NRCA's Standard Testing Conditions, such as a local manufacturer's training center, local distribution center, local union training facility, vocational school, community college or other type of facility. Click here for additional information about Authorized Testing Locations.

  • All hands-on performance testing activities and exams are scheduled by NRCA ProCertification Qualified Assessors, and only Qualified Assessors can conduct hands-on performance exams.

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