NRCA Retirement Program

Offering a 401(k) doesn’t have to be a challenge

Making your company’s 401(k) program work well for you and your employees requires collaboration and teamwork, and NRCA is here to help. We’re working with trusted partners Lincoln Financial Group and Merrill Lynch to bring your business a flexible and easy-to-manage retirement plan with significant savings and aggregate pricing.

With NRCA’s group 401(k) plan, your employees reap the benefits, and you no longer carry all the responsibility and liability. Tasks you typically would handle yourself are managed by a third-party professional to reduce time spent on:

  • Administrative duties
  • Operational tasks
  • Fiduciary responsibilities

We’ve got your back

Our expert network includes flexible plans to provide the personal level of support you need. You can focus on projects, strategy, team building, profits and other critical aspects of your business while our leading third-party administrators and financial professionals ensure your 401(k) plan is working for your business on your terms.

Check out the video for details

For more information about NRCA Retirement Program benefits, contact Krapf-Bonfim Group at (478) 471-4105 or