Roofing Day in D.C. Sponsorship Opportunities

Thanks to the gracious support of our sponsoring partners, Roofing Day in D.C. 2019 was a tremendous success! More than 425 roofing professionals participated, making it the largest advocacy event dedicated solely to the roofing industry.

And this is only the beginning of what we can accomplish by working together.

As we prepare for Roofing Day in D.C. 2020, we hope we can once again count on your support to help deliver our message and influence policymaking on Capitol Hill. To our previous sponsors—our sincerest thanks; we couldn’t do it without you! And to those considering sponsoring Roofing Day in D.C. 2020, there are numerous ways you can help, and we welcome and encourage your involvement.

To learn how you can become a sponsoring partner for Roofing Day in D.C. 2020, please contact Alison LaValley, NRCA vice president of strategic partnerships and development, at (847) 493-7573 or

Make your plans now to join us for Roofing Day in D.C. 2020, and encourage your members and colleagues to participate, too. In an election year, your participation is more important than ever.

We look forward to partnering with you in 2020 and beyond.


Our sincerest thanks go out to the following Roofing Day in D.C. 2020 sponsors for their gracious support of this industrywide advocacy event.


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