Contract provision: driveway damage disclaimer

September 20, 2020

By Trent Cotney | Cotney Construction Law

Driveway cracks and damage are used by residential customers to avoid making full payment for roofing work. The following provision is designed to disclaim those damages and educate the customer about the potential risk of driveway damage.

    Customer acknowledges that the price of the work to be performed anticipates the use of heavy equipment and or trucks to roof-top materials. It is possible that the driveway, curbs, or walkways may be cracked or damaged because of the weight of the equipment or trucks. Accordingly, contractor disclaims liability for any cracks or damages caused to the driveway, curbs or walkways. If customer would prefer the contractor to hand lift the materials, the contract price will need to be increased to reflect the additional labor cost.

Tags: Legal Contract Provisions


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