State License Information

As an added member benefit, NRCA offers its members detailed state licensing requirements, regulations, procedures and specific roofing licensing requirements applicable to contractors who wish to perform roofing work out of state. Each state packet describes state regulations applicable to registration, tax and bonding requirements applicable to an out-of-state contracting business desiring to work in another state in addition to licensing requirements. In many states, there are no licensing requirements applicable to roofing contractors, but there are still numerous requirements applicable to an out-of-state company, including a roofing contractor, who wants to do business in that state. For more information, please contact Anne Schroeder, NRCA's director of operations, at (847) 299-9070, or

NRCA also has compiled a list of various state agencies that license and register construction contractors so you can contact your state and local agencies to verify roofing contractor licensing requirements. Requirements at the local level are not included on this list. However, local requirements may be extensive, so we advise you to ask your state agency about local licensing requirements.


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